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Healthy Pursuits, LLC: Natural Health and Financial Opportunities
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Looking for Health?  Financial Independence?  Or Both?

When you think about it, Shaklee only offers two products - health and income.

Let's start with the products.  They are fantastic!  They are always safe, always proven to work, and are always green.  Our Nutrition, Weight Management, Home Care, and Personal Care products carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  When you use a product this good, you can't help but share it with everyone you know.  That makes Shaklee products the perfect foundation for a healthy income opportunity.

Partnering with Shaklee has been a wonderful pursuit for us.  We now have the ability to control our own destiny, determine our own priorities, set goals and achieve them, and increase our own income.  By helping others achieve their goads, we achieve ours.  We really feel we are making a difference in people's lives in so many ways.

We are currently looking for energetic, hard working people to join us on the Fast Track to financial independence.  You could start by earning $100,000 in the next 15 months!

Before making such a decission, we're sure you have a few questions.  We'd welcome the chance to talk with you, find out what you're looking for - health, income, or both - and see if this is right for you.  Click on "Contact Me" above and let us know how we can help you pursue your dreams!